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What if pop songs had guitar solos?

Learn 13 unique solos in easy to follow bite-sized licks

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What's Included 


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Bruno Mars 'Thats What I Like' - 12 Licks

Backing Tracks 

Over 80 Licks

Multi Angle Video

On Screen Tabs

Multi angle

A close up of my right hand gives you an accurate representation of the picking pattern, and the left hand shows you the exact fingerings I use for each lick



The on screen tabs are synced up to the video so you can easily follow along, note by note! I've also included a full downloadable pdf of the tabs/notation, as well as the Guitar Pro files  


Step By Step System 


Learning solos is a lot easier when you break them down into small chunks. I've broken down each solo into short, easy to follow bite-sized licks so you can learn them in a shorter amount of time. 

Combined, there are over 80 melodic licks and phrases that will add flow and musical lyricism to your solos and improv. 

*Each lick is played both fast and slow (50% speed) so you can learn at your own pace

Learning these licks will:

  • Show you new ways to move around scales  

  • Improve your right hand & left hand coordination 

  • Tighten up your alternate picking

  • Give you the inspiration to create your own solos 

  • Help you break out of the pentatonic 'box'

  • Help you with legato, string skipping, sweep picking, harmonics, bends, and tapping!  

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Instantly Stream On Any Device, Anywhere!



Explanation Lessons 

For 4 of the solos, I've included full video tutorials of how to play each lick. I go in to detail explaining the phrasing approach, scales I'm using, patterns, tricks and other ideas. 

The 3 videos are:

Bruno mars 'Thats What I Like'

Ed Sheeran 'Shape Of You'

DNCE 'Cake By The Ocean'

The Weeknd 'Blinding Lights'



Facebook Group 

You'll be getting access to my private Facebook group with over 1000+ members, where you can ask me questions, upload your solo videos and get advice, as well as free tabs and lessons! 



Favourite Licks Package  

Some of the licks in these solos sound really cool on their own and would make a great addition to your own improvised solos! So I included a section of just my favourite licks from these solos that you can quickly adapt to your own playing to add melody, speed, and interesting phrasing!

Perfect Solo Length For Social Media Content