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A Systematic Approach To Playing At Speeds You've Always Wanted

Play Cleaner & Tighter 

Build Endurance

Increase Your Speed


With  strategic exercises that help you play faster for longer

Using a proven methodology developed and refined over years of teaching 

By eliminating string noise using a 3 point muting technique

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Traditional Speed Exercises DON'T WORK!

If I asked you to increase your speed by the end of the month, would you be able to do that?


Do you have a go-to method to quickly improve your picking speed whenever you want?

Most players would just practice speed exercises over and over with a focus on accuracy. But I’m sure you’ve tried that many times before, and have seen
little to no results. It might have worked to get you to your current top speed, but this won’t help you break through your plateau and increase your speed beyond what you’re used to. 


Just like you can’t practice running by walking really fast, you can’t practice speed picking by practicing slow and accurate.


You need to practice BEYOND your normal speed.

But there’s a right way, and a wrong way to do this, and if you practice this the
WRONG way you’ll risk developing bad habits that will ultimately hold you back from playing at high speeds. That's why I created this course!


An in-depth online course teaching you a speed building practice routine that generates results QUICKLY.

Using academic research examining the relationship between accuracy vs speed, I’ve developed a practice method that applies high intensity short intervals of notes to help your muscles adapt to the same motions and movements you’ll actually be using, when you start playing really fast licks. 

In other words...

A method that works!

By the end of this course, you'll understand:

Why practicing ‘Slow and accurate’ is holding you back 

The core exercise routine that will quickly increase your speed

The fundamental precision techniques for playing clean and tight at high speeds

How to properly practice and speed up difficult licks

How to improve hand synchronicity
And much more!