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A Systematic Approach To Playing At Speeds You've Always Wanted

Play Cleaner & Tighter 

Build Endurance

Increase Your Speed


With  strategic exercises that help you play faster for longer

Using a proven methodology developed and refined over years of teaching 

By eliminating string noise using a 3 point muting technique

Traditional Speed Exercises DON'T WORK!

If I asked you to increase your speed by the end of the month, would you be able to do that?


Do you have a go-to method to quickly improve your picking speed whenever you want?

Most players would just practice speed exercises over and over with a focus on accuracy. But I’m sure you’ve tried that many times before, and have seen
little to no results. It might have worked to get you to your current top speed, but this won’t help you break through your plateau and increase your speed beyond what you’re used to. 


Just like you can’t practice running by walking really fast, you can’t practice speed picking by practicing slow and accurate.


You need to practice BEYOND your normal speed.

But there’s a right way, and a wrong way to do this, and if you practice this the
WRONG way you’ll risk developing bad habits that will ultimately hold you back from playing at high speeds. That's why I created this course!


An in-depth online course teaching you a speed building practice routine that generates results QUICKLY.

Using academic research examining the relationship between accuracy vs speed, I’ve developed a practice method that applies high intensity short intervals of notes to help your muscles adapt to the same motions and movements you’ll actually be using, when you start playing really fast licks. 

In other words...

A method that works!

By the end of this course, you'll understand:

Why practicing ‘Slow and accurate’ is holding you back 

The core exercise routine that will quickly increase your speed

The fundamental precision techniques for playing clean and tight at high speeds

How to properly practice and speed up difficult licks

How to improve hand synchronicity
And much more!

To get faster, you must practice faster!




The Method 

  • Difference between stamina and endurance exercises for building speed

  • Understanding the 'speed bursts' method, and how to apply it

  • A summary of an academic research experiment  that explains why practicing fast instead of accurate is more beneficial 

  • How to change your mindset, so it doesn't hold you back from playing faster



Warming Up 

  • How long to warmup before practice

  • What to play when warming up

  • My favourite warmup exercise

  • Simple hand and finger stretches 

  • Why I don't recommend stretching for too long before you practice

  • The best time for a longer stretching routine 




The Routine

  • Learning the core exercise for building speed

  • A step-by-step easy to follow practice routine with on-screen TABS

  • How long to practice, and how long to rest

  • Minimizing muscle tension 

  • Variations of the practice routine 

  • The importance of using a metronome, and how to choose the correct metronome settings



Endurance Exercises 

11 endurance exercises to help you build and maintain energy/stamina so you can play fast for longer. Each exercise will target a different area such as:

  • Finger independence 

  • Left hand accuracy 

  • 2 hand synchronization 

  • Pinky strength 

  • Switching strings efficiently 

  • Inside/outside picking


*Includes on screen TABS, plus downloadable files 




30 Minute Practice Routine Example

Follow along as I build and play through a 30 minute speed practice routine using the exercises in the course. You'll watch me:

  • Find my top speed

  • Set the proper metronome tempo for each exercise

  • When to rest, when to speed up, when to slow down

  • Which exercises to choose and why


Everything is explained in real time as I play through the entire routine, and at the end we test my top speed again.


Speed Techniques  

  • Clean up your playing using 3 different muting techniques 

  • An effective technique that automatically synchronizes both hands right away 

  • How to practice and improve your alternate picking 

  • Avoiding picking hand fatigue using multiple techniques 

  • How to hybrid pick + 2 exercises 

  • 3 note per string vs. CAGED scales

  • A simple method to play 2 note per string scales faster! 




Scale Sequences  

  • Learn what scale sequences are, and why they're important 

  • Includes 13  unique scale sequences I use when playing at really high tempos:

    • 4 sequences over the pentatonic scale

    • 6 sequences over 3 note per string scales

    • Plus chromatic, diminished and linear sequences! 


*On screen TABS, downloadable tabs, and step-by-step video tutorial 



Speed Licks 

  • How to speed up a lick using my speed method

  • How to practice and get through a difficult/tricky lick 

I’ve also included 8 speed licks in various styles, so you have something fast to play, once you finally increase your speed!

Each lick is taught note-by-note slowly, with on screen tabs that include pick direction, so you never have to guess the picking pattern



Full Solo Study (click play to watch) 

Learn this melodic Neo Classical style solo that uses most of the speed techniques we learn in this course!

It’s broken down into 9 short licks to make it easier for you to learn, and I also talk about the scale shapes, fingerings, picking patterns, why I chose to land on certain notes, and how they relate to the chords in the backing track.

  • Includes backing track, tabs, Guitar Pro files and step-by-step video lessons


Final Thoughts 

  • How to practice technique WITHOUT your guitar (practice anywhere)  

  • When to practice with a clean tone, and when to practice with distortion

  • Concluding tips




Get Control Over Your Speed & Technique


If you're not seeing any progress with your speed, if you feel stuck and the same practice routine that got you to your current top speed is no longer giving you results, then this course is for YOU.

If you keep messing up on the same lick you've practiced for months, or can't get your hands to stay synchronized, then this course is for YOU.

If you want to play faster than you've ever played, then this course is for YOU!  

**This course IS NOT for beginners who just picked up the guitar! You should have at least 1 year of guitar playing experience, and should be able to play scales, read TABS, and want to take your speed to the next level**  

By the end of this course you’ll have the skillset to continually push your speed to its limits

There is no way I can promise you any specific tempo. Everyones different, and it depends on how much you practice, and how much experience you already have on the guitar.
But here's what I can tell you…

Guitar Speed Builder gets guitarists results, and if you learn this method and follow the process, you’ll also get results.


This is why I'm backing this up with a 30 DAY RISK FREE 100% money back guarantee no questions asked! Just email me at Roy@royzivmusic.com and I’ll refund you the full amount, immediately.


Get access to my private Facebook group!
  • Share your progress
  • Get feedback
  • Ask me any questions
  • Interact with likeminded players
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Positive Grid Discount

Guitar Speed Builder members now get 15% off Positive Grid Bias FX2 (Standard, Pro, and Elite). This discount can be stacked on top of any current promotional offers on their website and could total up to 55% off!   


Guitar Pro Discount

You also receive a 10% discount for Guitar Pro. A tab editor software for guitar and other fretted instruments. Use the loop/speed trainer to work on difficult licks, slow down sections, find chords, scale and transpose to different keys.   


Course Outline

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Instantly Stream On Any Device, Anywhere!



Full unlimited lifetime access to the entire course, so you can learn at your own pace (including all future updates)


The speed building method and practice routine


72 Videos - Over 3 hours of practical, instructional content


8 Speed licks with step-by-step video tutorials


On screen TABS so you can follow along


Downloadable TABS so you can practice offline

Final full solo example using the techniques from the course (broken down into 9 licks) *NEW


11 Strategic exercises to help you play faster for longer


The fundamental speed techniques for precision


3 Muting techniques to clean up your playing


13 scale sequences to add flow creativity and speed to your solos


Access to my private Facebook group so you can ask questions, post your progress, and interact with likeminded players  

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100% money back guarantee. If you're unsatisfied with the course for any reason, I'll refund you the FULL amount, no questions asked!   

If you have any questions or concerns about the course, email me at: Roy@royzivmusic.com


*One time payment

Your Instructor


Roy Ziv

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Roy Ziv is a professional guitarist and teacher from Toronto, Canada. He's part of the JTC guitar roster alongside some of the biggest names in guitar, and has created several instructional guitar courses for the JTC website that have improved the skills of hundreds of players around the world.  Roy’s music has been featured in Guitar World Magazine and MusicRadar.com, and recently spoke at his alma mater, Berklee College of Music. With extensive experience teaching one-on-one, Roy’s mission is to create engaging, effective, top quality courses, and continues to upload weekly content to over 60K followers on Instagram and 50K followers on Youtube.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do i have access to the course?

  • You have full lifetime unlimited access to the course, including all future updates. 

What if I don't like the course after I purchased?

How long is the course?

  • The course is about 3 hours long

I just started playing guitar and I want to play fast. Will this course help me?

  • No. This course is not for beginners. I suggest having at least 1 year of experience on the guitar before you enrol in this course. But if you're unsure, you can always try the course, and if you feel it's too difficult and beyond your level, then I'll refund you the full amount. No worries. 

Is this a one time payment or a monthly membership?

  • One time payment only!