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A Systematic Approach To Playing At Speeds You've Always Wanted 

Build speed and precision with a step-by-step practice routine.

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By the end of this course, you'll master the ability to:


Increase Your Speed

Using a proven methodology developed and refined over years of teaching 


Play Cleaner & Tighter

By eliminating string noise using a 3 point muting technique


Build Endurance

With strategic exercises that help you play faster for longer

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Synchronize Both Hands

Play Longer

Practice Efficiently

Ensuring perfect coordination for total control over your instrument

By learning techniques that prevent picking hand fatigue

Ensuring each session is productive and leads to real, measurable progress.

Traditional speed exercises DON'T WORK

If I asked you to increase your speed by the end of the month, would you be able to do that?


Do you have a go-to method to quickly improve your picking speed whenever you want?


Most players would just practice speed exercises over and over with a focus on accuracy. But I’m sure you’ve tried that many times before, and have seen little to no results. It might have worked to get you to your current top speed, but this won’t help you break through your plateau and increase your speed beyond what you’re used to.

It's not about practicing more, it's about practicing RIGHT.

To get faster, you must practice faster.

Just like you can’t practice running by walking really fast, you can’t practice speed picking by practicing slow and accurate.

You need to practice BEYOND your normal speed.

But there’s a right way, and a wrong way to do this, and if you practice this the WRONG way you’ll risk developing bad habits that will ultimately hold you back from playing at high speeds. That's why I created this course!


An in-depth online course teaching you a speed building practice routine that generates results QUICKLY.

Using academic research examining the relationship between accuracy vs speed, I’ve developed a practice method that applies high intensity short intervals of notes to help your muscles adapt to the same motions and movements you’ll actually be using, when you start playing really fast licks.

In other words...

A method that works!


What's Inside
Guitar Speed Builder



  • Discover the difference between stamina and endurance exercises for building speed

  • Learn the 'speed bursts' method, and how to apply it 

  • Explore an academic research experiment that explains the science behind speed building 

  • Uncover mindset strategies so you can play faster without mental blocks


The Method


Warming Up


  • Discover effective warm-up exercises to loosen up your finger muscles 

  • Learn the best hand and finger stretches for flexibility

  • Identify the ideal duration of a warm-up routine


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  • Learn the CORE exercise for building speed

  • Learn to balance practice and rest time, for maximum efficiency 

  • Techniques to reduce muscle tension and enhance playability

  • Explore variations of the routine to keep your practice fresh and effective

  • Learn to use a metronome PROPERLY and how to select the right settings for speed building 



The Routine 


Endurance Exercises


Learn 11 targeted exercises designed to boost your stamina and let you play faster, for longer.

We will target:

  • Finger independence 

  • Left hand accuracy 

  • 2 hand synchronization

  • Pinky strength

  • Fluid string switching

  • Inside/outside picking




Follow along as I build and play through a 30 minute speed practice routine using the exercises in the course. You'll watch me:

  • Find my top speed

  • Set proper metronome tempos for each exercise

  • Learn when to rest, when to speed up, when to slow down 

  • Choose which exercise to focus on, and WHY



30 Minute Practice Routine 


Speed Techniques 


  • ​Learn a 3-point muting technique to play cleaner with no string noise 

  • Discover a strategy that instantly synchronizes your fretting and picking hands

  • How to practice alternate picking

  • Techniques to prevent picking hand fatigue, so you can play longer

  • Learn hybrid picking  

  • Discover a simple method to speed up 2 note per string scales (like the pentatonic) instantly.


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Learn what scale sequences are, and why they're so important.


Includes 13 scale sequences guitar players use for high speed solos: 

  • 4 Pentatonic sequences 

  • 6 sequences over 3note per string scales 

  • 3 additional sequences featuring chromatic, diminished, and linear patterns for versatility 



Scale Sequences 


Speed Licks


  • Learn to apply my speed method to any lick you're practicing

  •  Learn the approach to practicing a tricky / difficult lick effectively

This module includes 8 speed licks in various styles so you can practice your new speed techniques with musical ideas.

Each lick is taught note-by-note slowly, with on screen tabs that also include pick direction.


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Solo 1-

A melodic neo classical style solo that uses most of the speed techniques we learn in the course.

Broken down into 9 short licks, where you'll learn scale shapes, fingerings, patterns, and why I land on certain notes in relation to the chords of those track



Full Solo Study 

Solo 2-

A melodic instrumental rock song featuring alternate picking, sweeps, string skipping, and a ton of other techniques. 

This solo is broken down into 14 short licks.



Final Thoughts


  • Learn how to practice finger technique WITHOUT your guitar

  •  Understand when to practice with or without distortion 

  • Extra tips to make the most of the course 

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"I joined Guitar Speed Builder in 2020 and was very impressed with Roy's teaching because once I applied his method, I was able to increase my 16th note speed by 10 BPM in just 7 days.

I've since taken what I learned from his program and applied it to my own students, helping them increase their speed as well.

For anyone looking to
ACTUALLY  improve their playing speed, Roy's method is a game changer."

- Brandon D'eon


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Free access to our private, members only Facebook group 

A Community of 6,500+ Members

Ask questions, get feedback, post progress videos, celebrate milestones, and observe others' journeys for inspiration. 

With Guitar Speed Builder,
you're never alone on your journey. 

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Guitar Pro Discount

Receive a 10% discount for Guitar Pro

Guitar Pro is a tab reader/editor designed to streamline your learning process. This software allows you to play along with TABS, adjust the tempo, loops sections, and much more, making it easier than ever to master new exercises, solos, and licks. 

All exercises, licks and solos in Guitar Speed Builder come with Guitar Pro tab files.


Over 6500+ players increased their speed with Guitar Speed Builder


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The proof is in the playing

Real progress, from real students.

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Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 6.28.49 PM.png
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Franco increased his speed from 160bpm to 200bpm 👇

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Barnabas gained 30 bpm in 4 months (from 110bpm to 140bpm) 👇

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Play faster, cleaner and more accurate

What makes Guitar Speed Builder different?

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Proven, Tested Principles

This course is the result of years of testing and refining with hundreds of my own students across all ages and styles. Now, after 4 years and more than 6500 satisfied customers later, I stand by the effectiveness of this course, knowing for a fact that these techniques work and guarantee results.

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We Listen to Feedback

Since I launched 4 years ago, every update has been shaped by real feedback from students like you, ensuring the course continually evolves to meet your needs, and exceed your expectations.

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More Than Exercises

Guitar Speed Builder isn’t just another set of exercises. You can find that anywhere else. Instead, It’s a comprehensive, research-driven methodology to building speed, precision and proper technique.

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Designed for Busy Schedules

We value your time, so each video in the course averages 3 minutes — Clear, focused, and straight to the point. The step-by-step practice routine takes out the guesswork so you get the MOST out each practice session. Remember — It’s not about practicing more, but practicing right.

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Supportive Community

Connect with over 6500 Guitar Speed Builder members in our private Facebook Group. Get answers to questions from either myself, or players who are on the same journey as you, sharing videos of their progress and supporting each other.

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5-Star Customer Service

Experience unparalleled support with our Player Relations Manager: Jack, who's always just an email away. Whether you're facing login troubles, need technical guidance, or seek personalized advice, expect a human response within hours—not a robot.

Meet your instructor

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I'm Roy Ziv and for the last 10 years I've dedicated myself to helping guitarists improve their techniques and navigate the fretboard with confidence.

As a guitarist, my music has been featured in Guitar World Magazine and MusicRadar, and I recently had the opportunity to speak at Berklee College of Music for their Global Connections talk.

With my extensive experience teaching one-on-one lessons, my mission is to create engaging, effective, top quality guitar courses, while continuing to upload weekly guitar-related content to over
a million combined followers on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

I'm looking forward to seeing your progress!

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Is Guitar Speed Builder right for you?

Guitar Speed Builder is NOT for everyone, and I'd rather help you figure out if it's for you BEFORE you join, rather than waste your time. 

Who the course is for:

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Guitarists with over 1 year experience, including intermediate and advanced players. 

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Players who've reached a certain speed, but now feel stuck and aren't progressing.

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Those who feel tension, tightness or discomfort when trying to play faster.

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Players struggling to play their favourite songs/solos despite months or years of effort.

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Guitarists looking for structured guidance on how to practice effectively.

Who the course is NOT for:

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Beginners with less than one year of experience, who might need more foundational skills before trying speed techniques.

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Those who cannot commit to at least 30 minutes of practice a few times a week to improve their technique.

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Anyone expecting instant results without the necessary practice and effort, looking for a 'magic pill' solution to guitar speed.

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Individuals who aren't open minded to new techniques and approaches they're not used to.

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Players not interested in increasing their playing speed.



If you don't improve, you get your money back

Investing in your skills is important, but so is knowing you're spending wisely. Try the course for 30 days, and if you don't feel it's worth it or if you're not seeing the progress you expected, you get all your money back, no questions asked. I'm confident in the value and effectiveness of this course and want you to feel assured in your decision to join us.

Here's everything you get when you join today:

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✅ Lifetime access to all content - Watch at your own pace, with everything available from day 1

✅ The speed building method -
With a step-by-step practice routine

✅ 100 + videos - Over 3 hours of instructional content 

✅ 13 Scale sequences - To add flow, creativity and speed to your solos

✅ 11 Strategic exercises - To help you play faster, for longer

✅ 8 Speed licks - With step-by-step video tutorials 

✅ 3 muting techniques - To eliminate strings noise and clean up your playing

✅ 2 Final solo examples- Using the techniques from the course (broken down into short licks)

✅ Downloadable tabs - So you can practice offline

✅ Free access to our members only group - A community with over 6500+ players like you

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NOW OPEN: Get INSTANT lifetime access for 30% OFF 

Guitar Speed Builder

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One time payment

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If you're not satisfied within the first 30 days, we'll refund you in full, without any fuss, and no questions asked. 

Questions players had before joining Guitar Speed Builder

  • What exactly am I getting?
    You're getting access to an ONLINE COURSE. That means you'll have access to a series of videos and course material, organized in a structured way for you watch whenever you have time. It's a self-paced learning experience that gives you unlimited online access to the course material, which you can access and view on any device, whenever you want. - Phone, tablet, iPad or laptop. As soon as you sign up, you'll get INSTANT access to all the content.
  • Are there subtitles or translations?
    The course videos are in English, but there are on-screen subtitles available in: English, Spanish, Chinese and Korean. We will be adding a lot more languages soon, but so far we've gotten the most requests for those languages.
  • What's the refund policy and how do I get a refund?
    30 day, money back guarantee, no questions asked. Try the course for 30 days, and if you don't think it's worth it or you don't improve, simply ask for a refund: 1) Email our support team at 2) Your refund will be processed within the next few hours. 3) It'll take about 1 - 7 business days for you bank, or PayPal account to receive the refund, after we have processed your request. Very simple :)
  • Is this a one-time payment, or a monthly membership?
    It's a one-time payment, for lifetime access. There are no monthly fees, or extra fees after you pay once.
  • How long do I have access to the course?
    You get Lifetime access to the course, including all future updates. That means you can purchase the course today, and work through it whenever you have time. No rush.
  • I just started playing guitar and want to play fast. Will this course help me?
    This course is designed for players with at least 1 year of experience. You should be able to play scales up and down, play a few solos, alternate pick, and be able to read tabs. If you're unsure, you can always try the course, and if you feel it's too difficult and beyond your level, then we'll refund you the full amount.
  • Can I download the files to watch offline?
    This course is entirely online, and you need to have internet connection to access this course. You can download all the sheet music, tabs, and Guitar-Pro files for the licks, exercises and songs, but all the videos can only be viewed online.
  • Will this work on acoustic guitar too?
    Absolutely! The techniques and practices are applicable to both electric and acoustic guitars. (We've also had student success with Bass Guitar!) Please keep in mind: this course was created with the electric guitar in mind, so a lot of the licks and sequences use higher frets that are hard to reach on acoustic guitars. In that case, just play those sections an octave lower.
  • How long is the course?
    The course is about 3 hours long, but you don't have to go through the entire 3 hours to get started with the exercise routine. Once you understand the method and learn the routine, you can start practicing right away while you slowly go through the rest of the course at your own pace.
  • What if I have technical issues like logging in or accessing the course?
    Our incredible support team is here to help. Simply email Jack at and he'll be happy to help you within a few hours. You're always dealing with a human being, and never with a robot. *Please don't message Roy on instagram, facebook, or any other social media platform if you need technical help. Those inboxes are not monitered and you won't get a response.*
  • How will I know if I'm practicing this correctly?
    Without feedback, it's hard to know if you're on the right track. That's why this course includes free access to our private members only Facebook community with over 6500 other players. We encourage you to post videos in the group and ask for feedback. The community is there to help, and Roy monitors the group as well. We're here to help every step of the way. That's why the community was created :)
  • Is all of the content available straight away, or is it released week by week?
    All the content is available immediately after enrolment, so you can learn at your own pace.
  • Am I learning musical ideas too, like theory, scales, how to solo, etc? Or is this only technique?
    This course is designed to help you play faster. The focus of the course is speed building, technique, and practical exercises. Although you'll learn musical sequences, 2 melodic solos, a few licks and other cool 'musical' ideas, that's not the point of this course. If you're interested in more melodic playing, theory and scales, please check out Roy Ziv's other courses.
  • I have more questions about this course. Can I contact you?
    Absolutely! Feel free to contact us with any questions. We're here to help. Contact @ royzivmusic . com

More Reviews 

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Ready to increase your speed?

Rated 4.9/5 by 100's of guitar players

Save 30% today!

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